Sweet 16 Celebration in Masquerade Ball Style

Sweet 16 is such a special birthday for teen girls and is a grand time for a celebration. Turning sixteen is a coming of age party that signifies a teenage girl’s passage into early adulthood. This is a huge milestone and what’s not to celebrate? A year that comes with a lot of responsibilities including a driver’s license and the SATs deserves a proper celebration. Get the party started and celebrate in style these event before it’s time to get serious about life’s big responsibilities.

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If you want your celebration to be special and unique, pick the masquerade ball theme. It will perfectly display this thin line between childhood and adult life. If you liked this idea and want to start planning this special day, there are some points you should take into consideration.

Color themes

Black and white balls are among the most popular color themed events. They can be dress down or dress up affairs, which gives them the advantage of being easy to dress for - and decorate for, too. Of course birthday girl can be different from the other participants of the celebration.

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Dancing and Special Dances

If the theme of your celebration is masquerade ball the dances should be relative to it.

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But still, do not forget to have fun!

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Decorations and cake

Of course, party decoration and birthday cake should be correspondent to the party theme.

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Also, very interesting idea is to have a board where your guests can write their congratulations to the birthday girl.

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Sweet 16 is a very special occasion for every girl. This is the time when your little princess turns into a real woman.  On this day everything should be perfect. Our company provides professional Sweet 16 photo and video shooting. We will create the most suitable packages for you for the affordable prices. Just contact us and we will capture the memories that will last you a lifetime.

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